Jean-Louis Riols

Jean-Louis Riols is Zen Maitri's consultant Medical Herbalist Assistant. Born in the South of France on the ‘Black Mountain’ (La Montagne Noire),  he grew up in nature, near farms, surrounded by people who often used plants for health benefits. This seeded the desire to study herbal medicine at an early age.

He moved to London in 1999 to pursue his studies in herbal medicine as formal education in herbal medicine, which includes diagnosis, prescription, and dispensing, was forbidden in France.

However, in order to fulfill this dream, he needed to improve his English. Since his father was a skilled carpenter and had generously passed on his skills and crafts to him, he slowly built a career as Drapesman in Film and TV so that he could pay for his studies, learning English at the same time.

During his career as a Drapesman, he continued to learn different health and wellness therapies including various massage styles, Reiki (Master-Teacher level), Past Life Regression Therapy, Folk Herbal Medicines, and Nutrition diplomas.

In 2018, he finally enrolled in a (degree level) Professional Clinical Herbal Medicine Diploma at Heartwood.  He is now in his last term of studies. He is very much looking forward to becoming a Clinical Medical Herbalist so that he can help people from all walks of life by putting into practice all the valuable learning that he has learned during his training.

In his spare time, he volunteers with Herbalists Without Borders, and he is the student-editor of Herbal Thymes, the quarterly magazine of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH).

Jean-Louis is a member of NIMH.