Selene Collins

Selene is one of Zen Maitri’s consultant Breathwork, Pranayama and Meditation instructors. After a 25 year career in Fashion, she stepped off the roller coaster and created space in her life to follow her calling in order to find greater meaning and balance in her life.

She was a yogi and meditator of 20 years. However in order to deepen her meditation practice, she went on to train with the world renowned author, teacher and therapist Alexander Filmer-Lorch.

Selene is an intuitive meditation practitioner, which means she adapts a variety of techniques including gentle movements, guided and silent meditations, breathwork and relaxation according to the needs of each individual in order to help them find a sense of stillness within themselves. Her approach to meditation is interdisciplinary and secular: she draws from multiple traditions including the ancient Vedic, Buddhist mindfulness and modern day techniques to provide us with the tools to meet the challenges and difficulties of our life. Selene is also a doula and a student of Craniosacral Therapy