The Best Natural Health Gifts for Mother’s Day

The Best Natural Health Gifts for Mother’s Day

2 March 2021 ۰ Zen Maitri


Getting together as a family is more difficult than ever this year. But Mother’s Day, which falls on March 14th in the UK, is a perfect opportunity to send a gift that says I’m thinking of you. 

If your mum is one of those mums that thinks of everyone else before herself and never takes the time to focus on her own self-care, Zen Maitri has a range of gifts that will encourage her to take a breath.

We all need a reminder to take some time for ourselves. A little nudge from a loved one — in the form of a beautifully packaged, natural health present — can do exactly that. 

Thoughtful Health Gifts to Make Your Mum Smile 

Does your Mum like baths? Does she like feeling fresh, energised, and nourished? How about a Seaweed Bath Kit…

If you’re not sure, we’re willing to bet that her answer would be yes to all of the above. Treat her to this rejuvenating bath kit. It includes bath salts and natural focus serratus seaweed, which is rich in nutrients and stimulates the synthesis of new collagen.

The kit also comes with an organic cotton mesh bag to put the seaweed in (so your Mum can enjoy the benefits without actually feel like she’s bathing in seaweed), and it’s all delivered in a simple linen bag that looks gorgeous hanging in the bathroom. 

For those mothers who work hard (so…all of them, then!) and deserve some at-home pampering, our Sleep Better Gift Hamper is full of natural products that support tranquillity and good sleep. 

A relaxing night time tea — with Zen Maitri tea strainer included — and herbal night cream will help your Mum build a calming evening routine, and herbal bath salts will soothe her muscles and her mind. 

The scented soy candle will set the mood, and a few drops of our high-quality lavender oil on her pillow will help her sleep deeply. She’ll wake up feeling bright and refreshed, and ready to take on the day. 

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve all been dowsing our hands in sanitiser a few times a day — and for those with sensitive skin, it takes a toll. 

Give your Mum the gift of soft hands with this soothing set.

The hand sanitiser is made from a herbal blend of calendula flower extract, aloe vera gel, bergamot essential oil and 70 % ethyl-alcohol — so it’s effective but gentle. 

And the moisturising hand cream contains the healing power of calendula with the anti-inflammatory effects of rose and lavender essential oils. 

Mums are often too busy looking after everyone else to take care of themselves. Our Immunity Care Collection contains a range of natural health products to support immunity and wellbeing, including:

  • 60 of our Immunity Supplements

  • Breathe Tea

  • Night Bath Salt

  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Our immunity supplements have been carefully blended by our team of medical herbalists to support and strengthen your immune system. Our Breathe Tea is a soothing blend to support your sinus and respiratory wellbeing. Our Night Bath Salts are ideal as part of a relaxing evening ritual. The Eucalyptus Oil can be used for steam inhalation or diffused in your air humidifier. 


Our Woman Tea makes an ideal Mother’s Day gift for a smaller budget. Women at all stages of life will benefit from the hormone-balancing herbs and plant ingredients in this tea; including liquorice, marigold, and Shatavari root.

The blend improves circulation and skin health, boosts energy, and boosts the hormones responsible for feelings of happiness and calm. 

It’s an ideal everyday tea for health and happiness — and she’ll like it even more because it came from you. 

A Mother’s Day Gift for Grieving Mums

We know that not all mothers have living children, and that this time of year can be incredibly difficult for those going through child loss and grief. It can be even harder for a grieving mum when the people around her don’t acknowledge that she too feels a deep connection with Mother’s Day. 

So, with love, we encourage you to consider sending her a card or a thoughtful gift to let her know her experiences haven’t been forgotten. 

Getting a good night’s sleep can be tough during grief, or during periods of time which trigger grief from past losses. So we recommend the Deep Sleep Collection, which includes bath salts, herbal tea, supplements and essential oils to promote relaxation and improve sleep.

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