Zen Maitri's Natural Health Christmas Wishlist

Zen Maitri's Natural Health Christmas Wishlist

3 December 2020 ۰ Zen Maitri


The festive season is here! As you know, 2020 hasn’t been the easiest. And the Christmas holidays are set to be a bit different from usual. But you can still treat your family and friends from a distance!

As always at Zen Maitri, we recommend looking to nature for inspiration. There’s a lot to learn from the natural world about how to support resilience and recovery.

Gifts that do that are exactly what your loved ones need as we reach the end of 2020.

So how can you follow nature’s lead and make the people you love feel and live better? Check out our Natural Health Christmas Wishlist below for a few ideas... 

Our  luxury Festive Hamper  contains our Herbal Hand Sanitiser, Immunity Tincture, NIght-Time Tea & Infuser, Unwind Bath Salts, Women’s or Men’s Body Oil and a Scott’s Apothecary Lavender, Basil & May Cheung Candle. It’s available for £50.

Our luxury Festive Hamper contains our Herbal Hand Sanitiser, Immunity Tincture, NIght-Time Tea & Infuser, Unwind Bath Salts, Women’s or Men’s Body Oil and a Scott’s Apothecary Lavender, Basil & May Cheung Candle. 

Help them balance work with rest

Nothing in nature spends all its time working. Plants settle to rest at night, and many go dormant all winter. Animals balance activity with rest in an instinctive way. And human animals? We’ve developed a tendency to prioritise work, and to see rest as a luxury — a guilty pleasure, even. 

It shouldn’t be. 

If you’re searching for the perfect present for someone who struggles to take the time they need to relax and restore their energy, consider giving them something to support their sleep routine and overall calm.

Gift ideas for better sleep

Our Sleep Better Gift Hamper is full of blissful natural products, like relaxing bath salts, a sleepy herbal tea, an aromatic soy-based candle and a pot of herbal night cream that rejuvenates the skin (and the soul). 

The Deep Sleep Collection will make even the most reluctant sleeper eager to reach the end of the day and wind down. It includes our night time herbal capsules, carefully formulated with a blend of herbs that tap into the power of plants to support deep sleep.

Or if you’re looking for a pocket-sized gift on a budget, a simple bottle of high-quality lavender oil can be woven into their routine in any way that works for them — they could diffuse it, put a drop on their pillow, or carry it in their bag for relaxation on the go. 

Introduce them to the power of aromatherapy

When you go for a walk in the woods, you experience first-hand the way that natural scents affect your body and mind. Pass by a particular plant and you might feel a rush of happiness or excitement. Some scents even affect the thoughts that come into your head — have you ever been out in nature and suddenly, inexplicably, just felt like everything was going to be OK? 

Studies show that natural fragrances affect us on numerous levels. They can improve your cognition and concentration, change your mood, and have an impact on how you relate to other people or to the world around you. 

We can’t all get out in nature for hours every day — especially when restrictions related to the current global pandemic mean we’re indoors more than ever before. But you can give your loved ones a way to bring transformative natural scents inside. 

Gift ideas for aromatherapy

An Essential Oil and Diffuser Bundle will set your friends up with everything they need to enjoy the benefits of plant properties in their homes, and spark new curiosity for the potential of essential oils to support their wellbeing

For someone who already has an interest in essential oils, our Essential Oils Collection will undoubtedly delight. With 15 brilliant natural oils; from rosemary and chamomile to oregano and myrrh; expertly distilled to capture the best of nature’s healing power. 

Or build them a tailor-made collection by selecting individual oils from our spa collection. You can use your knowledge of who they are and what they need to create a set to inspire, uplift, or restore their energy. 

Make the essentials of their daily routine more nourishing

Many of us use synthetic products and chemicals for various elements of our daily routines. We use harsh alcohols to cleanse our bodies and homes, and soothe our skin with products made from laboratory-manufactured ingredients. 

In contrast, nature has a way of cleansing, soothing and refreshing without all that extra stuff. Plants, water, and clean air can form the basis of a healthy and refreshing personal care practice. 

By switching chemical-heavy cosmetics for natural options, even the most mundane everyday task that your friends and family have to do — like washing their hands — can be enriched with a touch of joy. 

Gift ideas for a better self-care routine

There’s no getting around it: hand sanitiser is going to be a part of our daily lives for the foreseeable future. It doesn’t have to be full of harsh chemicals that sting and strip our skin of their natural oils though. Gift our herbal Hand Sanitiser spray, which uses super-soothing aloe vera to care for skin without compromising on its antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities. 

For that person in your life who loves to make their home feel clean, fresh and welcoming, a Smudge Stick makes a beautiful, budget-friendly present. Our one is made from rose, lavender and birchwood, and bound together with hemp rope. 

Or make their skincare routine a little more natural — and a lot more nourishing — with a jar of raw cold-pressed Coconut Oil, or our Herbal Day Cream which is packed with essential oils and other natural ingredients. 

Zen Maitri’s 2020 Christmas Hampers

This year we’ve also put together a range of natural health hampers. These thoughtful gift sets are perfect if you want to show friends and family that they’re loved and give them something big to open on Christmas!

Women’s Health Hamper

Our gift hamper for women contains botanical products that promote physical and mental wellbeing, including a natural Coconut Soap, our Rose & Hibiscus herbal tea, and our Women’s Body Oil. 

Men’s Health Hamper

Look after the man in your life with our Hamper For Him, which includes an indulgent Beard Care Coconut Soap, our Men’s Body Oil and Zen Maitri Man Tea.

Christmas Hamper for Mum

Our Hamper for Mum includes a lavish assortment of spa products: A Body Soap with French Pink Clay, Zen Maitri Woman Tea and our soothing Unwind Bath Salts. 

The Festive Dad Hamper

Our Hamper for Dad is an uplifting bundle filled with all the tools he needs to start getting some serious self-care sessions in. It includes Sandalwood & Poppy Soap, a herbal tea for healthy joints and Men’s Body Oil.

The Stay Healthy Immunity Hamper

Tis’ the season to...support your immune system! With immunity on everyone’s mind and the winter months meaning more runny noses, it’s time to take extra care of yourself and those around you. 

Our Stay Healthy Hamper contains our Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Immunity Tincture, Breathe Tea with an included Tea Infuser and Breathe Bath Salts. 

The So Long 2020 Hamper 

Let’s face it: this year has been tough. We’ve lost loved ones, been separated from the people we care about the most, and had our world turned upside down.

But there’s light at the end of the tunnel in the form of several promising COVID-19 vaccines. In the meantime, we’ve created the So Long 2020 Hamper, which includes three products to keep you safe and sound until this all blows over.

Our So Long 2020 Hamper contains a herbal hand sanitiser, a tin of our Adapt Tea, and a sleek Zen Maitri facemask. 

Or for something different...

You could support someone you care about with a personal health consultation from Zen Maitri. A consultation can take place in person or digitally with one of our medical herbalists, who will help your loved one learn how to balance their constitution and improve their health with a tailored plan.  

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