Cough & Sore Throat Essentials

Contents: Cough Syrup (100ml), Breathe Tea (80g), Vocal Ease Tincture (100ml)


Our Cough & Sore Throat Essentials bring together three products that work together in synergistic ways to ease and soothe coughs and sore throats. Our Breathe Tea promotes respiratory health and resilience more broadly. In addition to helping to soothe, protect and restore the lining of the throat and of the respiratory tract, it has expectorant actions (meaning it helps to clear excess mucus), boosts immunity and has antiseptic properties that help keep pathogens at bay.

Our Vocal Ease Tincture was has been developed to bring soothing herbal support for those who rely on their voices a lot day-to-day – teachers, singers, actors, public speakers. It contains deeply softening and moistening herbs like marshmallow root, icelandic moss and mullein, which are very gentle on the tissues around the throat, the vocal cords, the oesophagus, and help to calm irritation and inflammation. Not only does it deeply relax and lubricate the tissues but it also helps strengthen and tone them, with the astringency of agrimony and raspberry leaf for example. All of these actions put together mean it is excellent to ease sore throats.

Last but not least is our all-natural, non-drowsy Cough Syrup, with a delicious and antiseptic blend of marshmallow root, liquorice and thyme in a sugar syrup to ease dry coughs and soothe your throat.

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