Decongestion Essentials

Contents: Nasya Oil (30ml), Breathe Tea (80g), Allergy Support Tincture (100ml)


Our Decongestion Essentials bundle contains a trio of potent natural products that work to open your airways, ease allergies, clear congestion, and help you breathe more deeply. Our Breathe Tea is a herbal blend that supports your respiratory system. It helps clear your respiratory tract and supports your body in fighting colds, flus and other respiratory conditions. It brings extra protection during the winter months with immune-boosting, antimicrobial, softening and anti-inflammatory properties. It tastes fresh, woody and warming – with dominant aromas of thyme and rosemary. Our Allergy Support Tincture contains soothing, anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory herbs that help modulate an overly sensitive immune reaction and reduce the symptoms of hypersensitivity experienced in hay fever or allergic rhinitis, for example. It helps clear excessive catarrh and soothes inflammation and irritation in the sinuses, the eyes and along the respiratory tract. And last but certainly not least, inspired by a traditional Ayurvedic recipe, our Nasya Oil is a powerful blend of botanicals including sesame oil, eucalyptus essential oil, gotu kola leaf and Himalayan rock salt. This formula opens the airways, eases any sinus issues and combats congestion.

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