Focus Duo

Contents: Focus Tea (40g), Focus Capsules (60 Caps)


Our Focus Duo provides natural support to help you with focus, concentration and memory. It’s ideal for when you need extra help with study or work, or when you just want to dissipate brain fog. This set includes our Focus Tea and Focus Supplements, which contain herbs that are effective at increasing blood flow to the brain, nourishing your nervous system, and promoting mental clarity.

These products also help to resolve potential underlying issues that might be making it hard for you to focus, like headaches, stress, indigestion or anxiety. Our Focus Tea is an aromatic and refreshing blend of concentration-enhancing herbs with a hint of rosemary and a strong minty undertone. It’s a perfect caffeine-free work/study ally! Our Focus Supplements can be taken alongside the tea and offer an easy way to get the cognitive benefits of these herbs day to day. They contain six cognition-boosting herbs.

Our Focus Duo is the perfect gift for loved ones who need extra help with work, study, and concentration.

Capsules consist of 30 days supply.

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