Immune-System Support Bundle

Contents: Defend Tea (70g), Defend Tincture (100ml), Defend Capsules (60 Caps)


Herbs and botanicals can be powerful allies to strengthen your natural defences and keep illnesses at bay. Our Immune System Support Bundle combines three of our natural products developed to help your immune system function optimally to prevent you from falling ill. If you are looking for immune support for after an infection has begun – for example a cold or flu – instead check out our Immune System Recovery Bundle. Our delicious Defend Tea contains a nourishing and invigorating mix of echinacea root, tulsi, elderberry, olive leaf and rosehip, carefully formulated to enhance your immunity. It can be enjoyed daily to help keep illness at bay. Our Defend Tincture is a concentrated herbal formula that can be taken daily in small doses to bolster your immunity, help protect you from pathogens, and defend you from the effects of stress, pollution or toxins. It contains andrographis, echinacea root, tulsi, elderberry, rosehip and olive leaf.

Last but certainly not least is our Defend Supplements, which contains the same herbs as the tincture but dried and reduced into a powder, which is then put into a vegetarian capsule. Take two per day to bolster your immune system over the long term.

Capsules consist of 30 days supply.

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