Indigestion and Heartburn Essentials

Contents: Digestion Tea (100g), Acid Calm Capsules (60 Caps)


If indigestion and heartburn are causing you or a loved one issues, this product duo is on hand to provide support. Sipping a cup of our Digestion Tea is a great way to prevent and ease any acidity or digestive discomfort (including bloating or indigestion). Meadowsweet – one of the ingredients of this blend – has antacid and anti-inflammatory actions, and is particularly good at easing symptoms of acid reflux and stomach ulcers. It regulates the levels of gastric acid in your stomach and protects and soothes your gut. This tea also promotes a healthy gut flora and it tastes lovely, with dominant flavours of sweet liquorice and aromatic fennel, and a gentle hint of warming cinnamon. To complement the actions of the tea, our Acid Calm Supplements can be taken for even more effective relief of episodes of indigestion or acid reflux. In addition to meadowsweet, these capsules contain slippery elm bark powder, which helps to protect the gut lining by cooling, soothing, moistening and modulating inflammation. This allows the gut to rest and repair itself, making it particularly useful in inflammatory gut disorders such as hyperacidity, gastritis and peptic ulcers. Both products also contain chamomile and marshmallow root, which are go-to herbs for soothing inflammatory gut conditions and stress-related digestive upsets.

Capsules consist of 30 days supply.

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