New Mother’s Essentials

Contents: New Mother’s Tea (50g), Stretch Mark & Scar Oil (50ml), New Mother’s Bath Herbs (55g)


Our New Mother’s Essentials set combines three lovingly and expertly crafted herbal products for new mums: a tea, a blend of bath herbs, and an oil to prevent stretch marks and scars. It’s the perfect gift for new mothers because, as wonderful as giving birth can be, postpartum is also a very intense time. These products have been developed to bring nourishment, healing and relaxation.

Our New Mother’s Tea contains herbs that gently tone and strengthen the uterine muscles to support recovery, ease digestion and nutrient absorption, help balance hormone levels, and promote calm. Our New Mother’s bath herbs soothe pain and irritation and support the healing process after childbirth. This blend of herbs promotes healing of the perineum, works to tone the womb and relieves inflammation. Last but not least, our Stretch Mark & Scar Oil is a nourishing herbal oil that promotes skin elasticity and reduces the formation of stretch marks, and it can be particularly helpful for new mums during the postpartum period. It moisturises the skin and supports its natural healing process, with a calming aroma thanks to the addition of essential oils of Roman chamomile, rosemary, and sweet orange.

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