Nursing Essentials

Contents: Nursing Tea (100g), Stretch Mark & Scar Oil (50ml), Baby Massage Oil (100ml),


Our Nursing Essentials set combines three lovingly crafted herbal products for breastfeeding mums. It includes a tea, a baby massage oil, and a stretch mark & scar oil.

This set is focused on supporting nursing mums. The products developed by our team of medical herbalists work to provide new mums with nourishment, healing and relaxation while supporting the production of breast milk. In addition to being rich in a range of micronutrients to support vibrant health and vitality for mum and baby, our Nursing Tea contains herbs that are known for their ability to fuel breast milk production. This nourishing, soothing blend also promotes relaxation and helps to strengthen the uterine and pelvic muscles (through the addition of raspberry leaf), to support recovery from childbirth.

Our Baby Massage Oil is a gentle, softening oil to soothe and nourish your baby’s delicate skin during baby massage: a practice that benefits newborn babies with growth support, thermoregulation, complementing the skin barrier function and enhancing the lasting bond between parent and child.

Last but not least, our Stretch Mark and Scar Oil is a deeply nourishing herbal oil that promotes skin elasticity and reduces the formation of stretch marks, and it can be particularly helpful for new mums during the postpartum period. It moisturises the skin and supports its natural healing process.

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