Period Pain and Menstrual Support Essentials

Contents: Menstrual Support Tea (50g), Menstrual Balm (20g), Menstrual Support Tincture (100ml)


Did you know that herbs can go a long way to help ease pain and discomfort associated with your monthly cycle? Our Period Pain and Menstrual Support Essentials provide natural relief to navigate this time of the month with ease. Our concentrated Menstrual Support Tincture, soothing Menstrual Support Tea, and Menstrual Support Balm are your path to a more comfortable cycle. You can start taking our Menstrual Support Tea (up to 4 cups per day) and tincture (up to 2 teaspoons per day) a couple of days before your cycle. They both contain herbs that help balance hormone levels, ease pain, cramps and spasms in the pelvic area, uplift the mood, improve energy levels, alleviate irritability, teariness and insomnia and modulate the menstrual flow. Our sweet, floral, spicy and warming Menstrual Balm can be used on days when you feel any local pain or discomfort from your period. It is lovingly made in our apothecary with carefully selected ingredients that also help to ease cramps, spasms, pain, soreness, bloating and anxiety. To make it, we infuse a range of warming, relaxing, painkilling and antispasmodic herbs into a soothing and nourishing blend of jojoba, coconut and castor oil, and add a range of essential oils to create a beautifully effective and fragrant balm.

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