Muscle Restore & Recovery Mix (150g)

A powerful workout powder to replenish, restore, and uplift


Our Muscle Restore & Recovery Mix is a plant-based powder designed to optimise muscle performance and recovery, whether pre- or post-workout. Each natural ingredient has been carefully chosen to support recuperation, reduce soreness and fatigue, and replenish vital vitamins and minerals essential for your next training session.

Packed with rejuvenating ingredients like moringa, maca, turmeric, and adaptogenic herbs, our Muscle Restore & Recovery Mix works to elevate your energy levels, fortify your immune system, foster joint health, and assist your body in managing both physical and mental stress. Simply incorporate this mix into your daily shake or smoothie for a nutritional boost that is as natural as it is beneficial. Experience the natural alternative to synthetic powders and optimise your wellness and fitness journey with this powerful blend.

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Promotes faster muscle recovery and reduces exercise-induced soreness and fatigue

Replenishes essential vitamins and minerals to prepare the body for the next workout

Supports joint health and immune function, enhancing overall wellness

Assists in managing physical and mental stress, promoting optimal performance

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