Voice Support Duo

Contents: Vocal Ease Tincture (100ml), Breathe Tea (80g)


Our Voice Support Duo has been developed to bring soothing herbal support to those who rely on their voices day to day: teachers, singers, actors, and any kind of public speaker. This bundle combines our Vocal Ease Tincture and our Breathe Tea. These two products can be used if you have lost your voice or if you have a sore throat. They can also be taken before a big presentation or performance, or preventatively at any time, to keep infections at bay and to nourish, moisten and protect the lining of your throat and respiratory tract.

Our Vocal Ease tincture in particular is a great antidote for vocal restriction – a lot of the herbs it includes help soothe, moisten and soften the tissues around the throat, the vocal cords, and the oesophagus, calming any irritation and inflammation. This tincture not only deeply relaxes and lubricates the tissues but also helps strengthen and tone them, thanks to the astringency of agrimony and raspberry leaf. It’s very easy to use: just dilute a teaspoon of the tincture in a bit of water (it is a little bit bitter, but very potent!), sip it, gargle and swallow as and when needed. You can follow this with a cooled-down cup of our deliciously fresh and grounding Breathe Tea, which supports your respiratory system and its resilience to colds and flus. This herbal blend works to help you to breathe more easily and deeply.

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