Natural Health Christmas Gifts & Inspiration

Natural Health Christmas Gifts & Inspiration

The festive season is upon us! This year, why not look to the natural world for Christmas gift inspiration? 

Whether you want to promote resilience, recovery, or general wellbeing, our products are created and curated by a team of medical herbalists to help the people you love live better. Take a look through our Natural Health Christmas list below. We’ve sorted it by symptoms and traits to help you find what you’re looking for.

Sleep, rest and relaxation

Nothing in nature spends all of its time working. We’ve developed a tendency to prioritise being busy and see rest as a luxury — a guilty pleasure, even! Well it shouldn’t be. In fact, having a positive relationship with sleep is one of the most important steps you can take for your health and wellbeing.  

Searching for a present for someone who struggles to take the time they need to relax and recover? Consider supporting their sleep routine and overall calm with one of...

The Lavender Sleep Better Hamper

Our Sleep Better Hamper is all about rest and recuperation. Inside you'll find a soothing Night Time tea and strainer, a rejuvenating herbal face cream, our luxurious Night Time Bath Salts infused with Rose Petals, Oat, Lavender, Patchouli, Rose & Lavender, a Lavender and Basil soy candle, and a bottle of Lavender Essential Oil.

Deep Sleep Tea

Our Deep Sleep Tea is a delicious and all-natural sleeping aid. This special herbal blend promotes a good night’s rest by tapping into natural sedatives and calm-inducing relaxants, including Skullcap, Passionflower, Lemon balm, Peppermint, and Wild Lettuce.

Lavender Essential Oil

Our Lavender Essential Oil is perfect for taking a relaxing bath to the next level and can help with stress, insomnia, and skin irritations. Treat yourself to a little bottle of relaxation. Diffuse it, pop a few drops onto your pillow before bed, or keep it in your bag for aromatherapy on the go. 

Christmas hampers for him & her

This year we’ve also put together a range of natural health hampers. These thoughtful gift sets are perfect if you want to show friends and family that they’re loved and give them something big to open on Christmas!

The For Her Hamper

Treat the lady in your life to a home spa day with our all-natural Pamper Hamper. A soothing lavender and basil candle, our tantalising Rose & Hibiscus tea, a gentle body soap, herbal bath salts, and everything you need to say Sorry | Thankyou | I Love You | (delete as applicable). Note: This hamper also doubles as a ‘Get out of the doghouse free’ card.

The For Him Hamper

Treat the man in your life to a DIY spa day with this all-natural Pamper Hamper. Our cleansing Lemongrass and Ginger Tea, Charcoal and Coconut Body Soap, Frankincense & Myrrh Candle, and Unwind Bath Salts are blissful enough to convert reluctant home spa-ers and the manliest of men.

An intro to aromatherapy

When you go for a walk in the woods, you experience first-hand the way that nature’s scents affect body and mind. Pass by a particular plant and you might feel a rush of calm. Some scents even affect the thoughts that come into your head. Have you ever been out in nature and suddenly, inexplicably, just felt like everything was going to be OK? 

Studies show that natural fragrances affect us on numerous levels. They can improve cognition and concentration, change your mood, and even have an impact on how you relate to other people. 

We can’t all get out in nature for hours every day. But what you can do is give your loved ones a way to bring these transformative scents into the home. Here are a couple of aromatherapy gift ideas...

The Essential Oils Collection

Our Essential Oils Collection is the perfect aromatherapy starter kit. It includes fourteen natural oils ranging from woody rosemary and sweet chamomile to calming lavender and myrrh. Each is expertly distilled to capture the best of nature’s uplifting power. 

The Essential Oil and Diffuser Bundle

Want to introduce your friends and family to the world of aromatherapy? Our Premium Diffuser and Essential Oil Bundle comes with three oils. Bergamot offers a spicy, citrus and floral aroma that soothes anxiety and tension. Frankincense offers a distinctive woody aroma and immune-boosting properties. Lavender is our go-to for promoting calm, enhancing sleep quality, and boosting skin health.

General health and wellbeing

Natural Health Christmas Hamper

Bath salts, loose leaf tea, body oil, luxurious scented candles... These are the things Christmas dreams are made of! Treat your loved ones this festive season with our Natural Health Hamper. It’s full of handmade goods put together with love in our West London herbal apothecary.

Our Natural Health Hamper contains products to help you unwind, relax and stay well: a Herbal Hand Sanitiser, our powerful Immunity Tincture, a blissful NIght Time Tea & Infuser set, our Unwind Herbal Bath Salts, a Herbal Body Oil, and a soothing Lavender and Basil soy candle.

Mushroom Supplements

Our mushroom supplements are powerful concentrations of exotic mushrooms that have been proven to provide all manner of health benefits. Some are rich in antioxidants, others support memory, brain function, the immune system and energy levels. From Chaga and Cordyceps to Lion’s Mane, explore our range here.

Spa and self-care

Many of us use synthetic products and chemicals as part of our daily routines. We use harsh alcohols to cleanse our bodies and homes, and soothe our skin with products made from laboratory-manufactured ingredients. 

In contrast, nature has a way of cleansing, soothing and refreshing without all that extra stuff. Plants, water, and clean air can form the basis of a healthy and refreshing personal care practice. 

By switching the chemical-heavy cosmetics for natural options, even the most mundane everyday task that we all do — like washing our hands — can be enriched.

Breathe Bath Salts

Our Breathe Bath Salts are made with a powerful blend of herbs, essential oils, and Epsom Salt to decongest, unblock the sinuses, and uplift. Breathe Bath Salts combine Epsom Salts, Olive Leaf, Thyme, Lemon Balm, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, and Rosemary Essential Oil.

Looking for more ways to make your loved ones' skincare routine a little more natural? Try adding raw cold-pressed Coconut Oil or our Herbal Day Cream which is packed with gentle essential oils.  

Almond Oil

Our Almond Oil is light and moisturising, suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin, and a great carrier oil for massage. It’s also ideal for blending with essential oils. Our Almond Oil is gently extracted using a cold-pressed method. This means it’s made without the use of heat or solvents that can otherwise spoil the oil. It's high in vitamins A and E, and rich in skin-loving omega-3 fatty acids.

Seaweed Bath Kit

Add some ocean goodness to your bathtime routine with our sustainable seaweed kit. With Epsom bath salts and organic Fucus serratus from Ireland, you’ll end your evening soak feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Our seaweed is a species called Fucus serratus. It’s farmed in Donegal, Ireland, where it’s sustainably harvested by hand from wild Atlantic waters. The seaweed in our bath kits has a high mineral and vitamin content and has been used for centuries to promote healthy skin.

For that sporty someone

Joint and Muscle Balm

Our herbal Joint and Muscle Balm offers soothing support for muscle and joint aches, strains and pain. It’s ideal for after sport, for bruises, and for easing long term discomfort. 

This blend includes Comfrey, Oak Bark, Mullein, Walnut Leaf, Gravel root, Marshmallow Root, Wormwood, Lobelia Herb, Skullcap herb, Calendula flower and St John’s Wort. Pine leaf essential oil is included for extra soothing support and a calming woody scent. 

Joint and Muscle Tea

Our Joint and Muscle Tea is a soothing anti-inflammatory tea, specially created for easing aching joints and promoting healthy movement. It’s an ideal companion to any treatments you're undergoing for joint and inflammation issues, as it’ll support your progress by tackling underlying inflammation. This warming blend is made with turmeric, ginger, nettle leaf, meadowsweet, and celery seeds.  

Or for a more holistic approach...

As well as developing natural products with medicinal benefits, our team is available for in person or online consultations. A Zen Maitri Natural Health Consultation gives you the opportunity to explore your health concerns with a Medical Herbalist, who can tailor a prescription to meet your goals.

The expert knowledge provided by our team will empower you to make positive changes to your lifestyle. If you want to gift one of these experiences, you can find out more here

Last but not least, if you live locally, you might want to gift a loved one a pass to our weekly Moving, Breathing and Meditating class. Every Tuesday evening, breathwork, meditation, and senior yoga teacher Laurent Roure explores mindfulness and meditation with deep relaxation, yoga nidra, somatic movements, breathwork and Pranayama. 

We start up again in the New Year from January 11th. You can book a pass here.

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